Cats  holiday home

• The  cattery is of the outdoor type, designed to the highest standards. It is  spacious , warm with Thermostatic controlled heating, comfortable, healthy and hygienic.

• The chalets are full height, which makes them more comfortable for the older or disabled cat, as beds can be on ground level. Most have steps so  that our guests can climb on their window ledge.

• We have chalets for  single cats and double for two cats from the same home.

• The runs are all  covered and have scratching post, climbing furniture and all are separated by  sneeze barriers.

• All bedding is provided, as is feeding and water bowls.

• Music will be played in  the background during daylight hours

• All cats must be fully vaccinated against feline infectious enteritis  and upper respiratory infections (flu), and up to date vaccination  certificates must be provided on arrival.

• We are happy to  administer medication supplied by a vetinary surgeon. 

We use Witton Lodge Vet in  Northam, fortunately, we have not required them as yet.

• Where possible, we provide and feed your cat the same or similar to  what you feed at home. (special diets may incur extra charge)

• We welcome any  inspection during our opening times, when you can see for yourselves what  Devondale is all about. You do not  need an appointment.

We are only a small  cattery and can therefore provide your pet with that little bit of extra  attention.